The Void Listens Back

by DJ NB

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The follow up to DJ NB's 2016 debut "The Shifting Shadows", this album takes a different direction than that album, while still keeping the motto the same. Drum breaks layered ontop of each other, reverb-soaked sampled synthesizers, 808 kicks, chopped up vocal samples with tons of reverb, sounds of nature like the rain and simply being outside, the works. This time around, the vibes are much more dark and depressing. Same way of making it, but the product is way more moody and depressing, almost.

Don't let the time spent creating this album distract you (as you can read in a text document included that shows the exact times the songs were created and finished), whenever NB gets sparks of creativity, he dedicates every second to making the music and making it sound how he pleases. Some might say making a song in an hour or two is ridiculous, but NB feels that when he gets in the music making mood, he can cram days of work into a measly hour, and still make the product of that time great.

The album aesthetically is a culmination of events. Moving to a new city, being homeless for a whole summer, being a councilor at an outdoor school, and more. Though they seem insignificant when listening to the album, they do serve as ulterior motives for these songs, sometimes being the main topic like on ANTliens (a reference to both his city and the OutKast album ATLiens) and Put the Ramen in Sacramento, both ambient interludes that segway the main tracks from one to another while keeping the dark mood.

If I had to describe the album in one word, it would be "Moody". There isn't one single mood that makes this album the way it is. It's a culmination of all human emotions being expressed through sampled instrumentation and beautiful atmospheres. It might sound cliché and like I'm pulling crap out of my ass, but that's the way it is. It's a moody album, with each track having the same creation process, but portraying a different side of the producer. We here at Mewtang hope you enjoy this album and share it with a few friends. Enjoy.


(also we have no idea what the mumbling on Put the Ramen in Sacramento was about, NB tells us he found the file on his computer and he couldn't take the mumbling out)

Jared of Quality Pollution: 8/10 "A noticeable improvement over his last effort, this album is a calming journey full of smooth, carefully crafted sample work and very chill atmosphere."

Buffalo Staple: 7/10 "It's a really solid Drum & Bass project. When you focus into the drum beats and the samples that are used, there's a lot to enjoy here."


released January 10, 2017

DJ NB (Nolan Baldwin) - Production, mixing, mastering, album art.



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Track Name: untitled 01 - 08.01.2016

We must look at it as an art, I mean, otherwise we're going to, uh, get so confused. Because there's a million things you can do and so you have to perfect your own art, and hopefully there will be room for it. And I, I'm very thankful for the position I have and the freedom I have, and uh, I just keep my focus and I play what pleases me.

Oh my heart it breaks, every step that I take
But I'm hoping that the gates, they'll tell me that you're mine
Track Name: Marble Mountains

I love you (x2)

Two celestial bodies will converge for the first time ever. Which means if they don't get together now, they will never get together again.

One last time, I need to be.
I got nothing here without you.
But stay with me a minute, I'll swear I'll make it worth it.
I got nothing here without you.

One last time, I need to be.
I got nothing here without you.
But stay with me a minute, I'll swear I'll make it worth it.
I got nothing here without you.

I got nothing here without you.
Track Name: Synchophantom

Finally (x11)
Track Name: 2 AM

Two thirty in the mornin'.

So despite myself, my prayers were answered. I am among all men, most richly blessed.

There's nothing but love, I love all my people no matter where you're from, know what I'm sayin'? Just black man I got love for my people man, and every other race too I don't hate nobody cause it's good or bad or everything, know what I'm sayin'? It ain't nothin' but love here baby know what I'm sayin' I'm lettin' y'all know that.
Track Name: Put the Ramen in Sacramento (Interlude)

(Unintelligable mumbling)

She's chokin', but you don't get high unless you cough when you're smokin'.
I double up my dosage, bottomless mimosas, house by the beach I wake up and smell the ocean.
I'm a OG weed growin' king, what you mowin? Cause you ain't got shit.

Five feet under.

Still spittin' with Sac locals.
Track Name: Precious Materials
(Sampled & Chopped up)

Turn me on.



Turn me on.


Track Name: Archetype

Now watch this!

Uh, when I first started doin' music, you know I took a look around at what my friends were doing with music, and everybody always said I should be a rocker or something. And I like Rock music, don't get me wrong, but, everybody was always into Rap and I kinda just fell into that. I kinda made my own thing, my son's getting older so I realized that, the things I say up here, on the CD's I put out, kids are gonna listen to it. And I figured we should try to do it a little bit more positive. Show them that the world isn't that bad.
Track Name: In Antelope (Interlude)

Emotions come, I don't know why,
Cover up love's alibi.
Call me!

I love you. (x2)
Track Name: Crack the Codeine

It's a little chilly out there.
Track Name: ANTliens (Interlude)

Give him a warm welcome on the decks right now the DJ NB from Sacramento.

Sir, are you alright? (x2)
Track Name: Occam's Beats

Astonishing bass on this, hope you get some. (x3)

Big fiends of the ragga yes we roll out more bass and drum. Are you ready for the introduction to the DJ inside the venue?
Track Name: Winter Soulstice

Yes, yes a-massive.